Join TCCHE London 2018 – Live Workshop With GREGG BRADEN

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Join TCCHE London 2018 – Live Workshop With GREGG BRADEN and Others…

Each year we create a special program looking into the mysteries of Human Consciousness.

We invite leading scientists, best selling authors, philosophers and people that have had ‘mystical’ experience to talk at our unique three day event.

In the 1930’s Albert Einstein was a pretty interesting person when he was alive, however there are Albert Einstein’s on the planet now.

These are scientists, humanitarians, visionaries that are shaping the thoughts that will lead individuals and societies into tomorrow.

Join us and a group of like minded people as we travel through the latest scientific discoveries.

Join us for 3 full days and learn about human potential and metaphysics and about the future of humanity, the mystical experience and human connection beyond the 5 senses available for You to explore!

Don’t miss out on this unique live workshop in London!

Check More Information About Our Next Live Workshop: ⤵
Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution

P.S. On the conference for consciousness and human evolution you will have access to the research on the new science, you also will be presented to new technologies that will help you to transform your life, literally…

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