Gregg Braden – How to Harmonize Heart and Brain?

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I’m gonna invite us all to go through a little exercise here and I’m going to also invite you, if you are please do not do this if you are driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery put it on holden and do this later.

Gregg Braden – How to Harmonize Heart and Brain?

But what i’m gonna invite you to do I’ve just stated the world of the past no longer exists and though people say yeah yeah you know and and that there are things that we miss this is an opportunity for us to set just a few moments aside and do for ourselves what is yet to be done in a mainstream large-scale public way and that is mourn in that passing so I’m gonna fight you first just take a pencil pencil paper there’s something you’re riding on or if you want to do this in your mind you can give your self a moment just to just take a deep breath first of all just anchor yourself in this moment and acknowledge that your world has changed and that the things that once played a role some of them were a big role somewhere small role in your lives they’re gone and that you miss them this is the key and it’s okay to miss those things all we’re doing is acknowledging it

Harmonize Heart and Brain

I’m going to invite you to make a list just write down maybe if you can write down two or three things that are no longer in your world today that we’re with you five years ago I don’t want to influence your ideas but what I’m looking for things like I just use myself with in northern New Mexico there was a border bookstore it was a landmark on a corner that I used to see every time I go the airport borders is gone and I’m miss seeing that they’re the mom-and-pop shops they used to fix everything from the holes in my boots that I’ve had for 20 years to my eyeglasses holes in the tires the neighborhoods have changed now I miss that I was thinking about this the other night and talking to my wife we both miss the feeling that we’ve had enough time for all the things we want to do we feel that the world is moving so fast in our world and we miss the sense that we have the time to do everything and not feeling that pressure so these are some ideas so let me give you just just a minute or so here to write down the things that you miss okay so you’ve probably had an opportunity.

Harmonizing Your Heart and Brain

I’m sure you have at least at least a couple of these that are written down and and what I’d like to do now to continue this and whether you’re doing this in your mind or in a piece of paper when you acknowledge those things are gone and that you miss them and another column what I’m going to invite you to do is to identify the feeling that you have about not having them there what what kinds of feelings this is the sadness you know overwhelm anxiety stress again I don’t want an influence but these are the ideas in a single word or maybe a brief phrase how do you feel now that these things are no longer in your world and then we’re okay maybe take one more deep breath just anchor that we’ve completed this you know this is interesting for me because I do this with live groups all the time and and it’s not an event that you do once and replicate time and time again it’s a process for me and I’m always finding new things that I miss and I think it’s I’m not surprised because mourning is not an event it is a process we are constantly mourning and adjusting so that the new things in life and the things that disappear to make room for those new things this is a very healthy thing to do because what it does is emotionally psychologically it frees up the space so that we can embrace all of these really beautiful things and then we’re going to get into some of those here in just just a moment all right so now you’ve got a list of the things you missed you’ve got a list of the the feelings that you’ve had now I’d like to go through a little exercise the best science of our time has shown us that our hearts have their own neural network are their own neural pathway brain like cells embedded into the heart tissue that carry their own memories and this is why in a heart transplant the memories of the person who donates the heart often become activated in the person that receives the heart even though it wasn’t their experience that’s how real this neural network is that.

Gregg Braden In London Teaching Heart and Brain

I’m talking about so our ancestors for 5,000 years they have always said to us that change our ability to adapt to change in life begins with the change in our hearts and that’s why so many of their traditions that I’ve studied are focused in the heart and one of the first things our ancestors invite us to do and that the best science of our time is showing us is that if we can focus our attention in our heart center move our awareness from our mind into our heart and one of the ways to do that is to simply gently touch your heart center in a way that’s comfortable for you just touch in the center of your chest lightly with your fingertip or maybe two fingertips or an open palm some people use a prayer mudra and they they nestle their prayer mudra into the sternum in their chest gently the key here is that our awareness will always follow the place in our body where we feel a sensation.

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