Dr Joe Dispenza – Control Your Emotions

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Dr Joe Dispenza – Control Your Emotions

On this live workshop Dr Joe Dispenza answering questions on how to control your emotions, so that people can control thein life and consequently alter the results they’re producing.

You have you ever heard that emotions are bad? No they are the end product of an experience, so then you do react in life the emotion gives the signal, but the real question to ask is: how long are you going to react? that’s the real question to think about if you want to control your emotions.

As if you keep that emotional reaction going on for an extended time, sooner or later will become your identity and then people say why are you so bitter, why are you so frustrated, why are you suffering so much.

In your brain that emotion you’re in the emotion which means you’re in the chemical residue with the past is going to call up the event because you’re emotionally connected to it.

You’re going to say: “I’m this way because of that past experience”

Dr Joe Dispenza says: So then imagine what I do with people that we have people that have been abused we have people that have been traumatised, that have been assaulted, we have people that have had very very difficult pasts.

When a person has worked to overcome themselves and so it’s not that we shouldn’t feel emotions we should feel those emotions and feel them completely and like a child get over it though.

I was curious about the concept of emotional repression and what I’m getting from this work is that we have negative emotions and we put out an emotional signature part of the language of the brain feel in another language opening hours then goes against how you feel.

How you feel great escape plan but if we have somebody with trauma from your past and it’s there’s a repression there they’re trying to avoid it how does that fit in this type of work is control your emotions.

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  1. Living in the past with recurrent emotions based on hardwired thoughts. Loving it. Definitely looking forward the next events.


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